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Search the RBC Library catalog for books, ebooks, DVDs and blu-rays, and classical music CDs

Use key words such as:
 ߋ  Sociology          ߋ Social History            ߋ Societies            ߋ Culture             ߋ​ Marriage and Family              
       ߋ  Social Reform        ߋ Social Issues            ߋ Classes/Races    ߋ Art History             ߋ​ Social Conditions             

To search for books in Richard Bland College Library, first access the library catalogYou can access it here or through the RBC library website by clicking to the section that says 'Catalog' and then clicking the box that says 'RBC Library Catalog'. Click the tabs above to receive a step-by-step process of searching for books through the library's catalog system. 

Step 1: Once on the catalog, click on the Advanced Search box to begin your refined search. 

Let's pretend you have a project due on conflict theory in Sociology.

Step 2: You will fill out the following in the advanced search

In the any field, you will put the term 'conflict theory' (you can search them together because it is a specific phrase), and to refine your search you may add the term 'Sociology' in your boolean search stringThis will allow you to search for the topic of conflict theory while specifically focusing on the subject of sociology. 

In the material type, selecting books will filter your search to only include books that are available. 

Step 3: Once you receive your search results, it is always good to ensure that you search for books at Richard Bland College Library by selecting 'Richard Bland College Library' in the library section at the sidebar. You may also have to refine your search by Location to Stacks

After finding books that you think might be relevant to your search, you can look below and see exactly where in the RBC Stacks the book is located. 

Step 4: After clicking the book, you will be taken to a page that shows the details of the book. There you will find the book tag, the book description, details of the book, and other information provided by the catalog. By using the book description you can find out details of the book to see if the book will be useful to you. 

All books are located on the second floor of library.

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