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Tell me a Joke Cart

The 'Tell Me a Joke' cart will be available during the library for the duration of the assignment work period. The 'Tell me a Joke' cart contains books from the RBC Stacks, the sociology textbooks from the course reserves, and example papers that did well in previous semesters. Come to the circulation desk in the library and ask for the 'Joke Cart'. 

Unless otherwise noted, books on the 'Tell me a Joke' cart cannot be checked out for outside library use. All reserved books have an in-library check out time of 4 hours

Assignment Requirements

  • 5-7 pages in length (not including cover page or bibliography)
  • APA format - Cover page (with cartoon), font, spacing, headers, bibliography, citations, etc. 
  • Include joke/cartoon on our cover page!
  • Minimum of 4 sources--2 scholarly, your textbook, and the cartoon. 
  • Sociological terms/paradigms need to be bolded, italicized, and underlined within the text where your application of them begins. You may also change the font color for the term. 
  • This must be turned in to Turnitin in Canvas. The originality report through Turnitin for your final paper must be less than 20%. Failure to submit your work through Turnitin or originality reports of higher than 20% will receive an automatic zero for that assignment.
  • Papers using a joke or cartoon that is on the office door or a sample paper in the library will automatically receive a zero. 
  • One paradigm must be applied on your chosen joke/cartoon. 
  • You must apply at least 5 sociological terms to your chosen joke/cartoon. These must be a combination of terms from at least 3 different chapters. 
  • Introduction and conclusion paragraphs must be included utilizing a strong thesis statement. 

Scholarly Journals

Journal of Sociology

American Journal of Sociology

American Sociological Review

Current Sociology

Journal of Health and Social Behavior

Social Forces

Annual Review of Sociology