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What Will RBC Do With My Story?

Besides keeping them on record in the College's Archives & Special Collections, here are some other ways we plan to highlight your COVID-19 experiences, both now and in the future, by : 

  • providing them to researchers wanting to learn more about how the RBC community was impacted by COVID-19.
  • featuring them in exhibits and displays, both physical and online exhibits.
  • highlighting them on the RBC website and/or social media pages--with your permission, of course!


This site was created based on content developed by William & Mary Research Center and Greenwood Library at Longwood University.

Statesman Strong: Capturing Community Life During COVID-19

We are living in an unprecedented and extraordinary time.  In fulfilling Richard Bland College Library’s mission to capture and preserve our community’s history, we invite the Richard Bland College community to add their voices to the College’s COVID-19 experience collection. 

Statesman Strong: Capturing Community Life During COVID-19 will become part of the Richard Bland College Archives & Special Collections.  These stories may be used by future generations to learn from and about this event through our community's first-hand accounts.

Your first-hand account is just that – yours – and how you record it is up to you! Feel free to capture your memories in whatever way you choose, and share and reflect on any part of your experience. Ideas include but are not limited to: 

  • writing a journal
  • recording voice memos
  • saving your social media posts
  • taking photos and/or videos 
  • creating art or poems  
  • documenting day-to-day through any modality you choose

Your memories matter, and your experiences are an important part of our shared history. As part of the records preserved in the Special Collections, your materials will be an accessible part of the historic record and contribute to research for years to come.  

Documenting Your COVID-19 Experience

You may choose to document your experience in one day, maintain a diary for several weeks, create reflections once a week—this is up to you. We want to get a sense of how the Statesman community is carrying on with studies, research, work, and life, as well as how you’re feeling throughout this period. You may choose to use the following prompts to guide the process:

  • Name, academic/graduation year, areas of study, workplaces, other campus involvement
  • Share your experience/s with online learning. Has it been a challenge for anyone?
  • Are you able to work from home? How has the transition affected you and your family?
  • Where are you physically located now? If on campus, what is it like being here at this time?
  • How has your routine changed?
  • Daily check-in with feelings, thoughts, activities.
  • How have you discussed these events with your family, friends, professors?
  • How do you keep in touch with friends? Has anything changed?
  • What are your news sources? How do you find out about what’s happening at RBC?

Submitting Your COVID-19 Experience Materials

To submit your items, fill out our form below and upload. If you have a physical item to deliver to campus, please note that on the form.  

Be sure to read the Submission Agreement at the end of the form! This agreement allows us to use your content, while you retain copyright to your materials.