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What is "IMPACT"?

"IMPACT" stands for "Improving Mental Power and Critical Thinking" and is the name and slogan for Richard Bland College's five-year QEP

The "IMPACT" QEP and Critical Thinking

You'll be hearing the words "critical thinking" a lot at RBC for the next few years. As part of its ongoing accreditation process, Richard Bland College is required to have a five-year strategy or "Quality Enhancement Plan" (QEP) to improve student learning in one particular area. The area of focus that was chosen by the faculty, staff, and students in critical thinking, and the name and slogan for our QEP is "IMPACT: Improving Mental Power and Critical Thinking." Critical thinking involves a wide variety of skills that include formulating questions, evaluating information, recognizing assumptions, defending a thesis, and drawing informed conclusions. 

The QEP has many parts. Your professors will be learning how to more reliably measure and assess your critical thinking. Your courses will be offering more frequent and more creative opportunities to develop and demonstrate our critical thinking skills. The Library will offer programs to help you critically evaluate sources of information. The college will hold events and public forums that stress the importance of critical thinking outside of the walls of the classroom. In many of your courses, your professors will be discussing the ways in which critical and higher-order thinking skills manifest themselves in their particular discipline. If you have any questions about the QEP ask your professors or email