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Faculty Resources

Campus Contacts

Dr. Maria Dezenberg
(804) 862-6274
Director of Academics
Dr. Mary Gurnick
(804) 862-6253
Department Chairs
Natural Science & Mathematics
Dr. Shawn Holt
(804) 862-6100 x 9811
Language & Humanities
Dr. Eric Earnhardt
(804) 862-6100 x 8585
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Tiffany Birdsong
(804) 862-6100 x 6267

Faculty Administrative Assistant

Temple Pearce
(804) 862-6176

Faculty Assembly Chair

Dr. Adam Zucconi
(804) 862-6100 x 8553
Program Manager
Stacey Sokol
(804) 862-6100 x 8603

Campus Offices

(804) 862-6249

(804) 862-6226

Records & Registration

Human Resources
(804) 862-6100
Statesman Technical Assistance Center
(804) 862-6401

Important Links

Classroom Observation Procedures

Faculty will have a classroom observation conducted every semester by their respective department chairs, or the designees of those chairs. The written evaluation that results from this will be discussed with each adjunct faculty member, and will form the basis for consideration in awarding future teaching contracts to the relevant faculty members.

Submitting Final Grades

Submitting Student Learning Outcome Data

In additional to submitting final grades to Banner, all faculty are also required to submit their student learning outcome data to the Provost's Office.  Please contact your Department Chair for information regarding collecting and submitting student learning outcomes.

Contact information for Department Chairs can be found in the RBC Campus Contacts box to the left.

Student Course Evaluations

At the conclusion of each course, students are emailed a course evaluation form.  The results of the course evaluation will be compiled and returned to the instructor after the final grades for the course have been submitted. 

Additional Forms

Notable College Programs