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History: Petersburg's Primary Sources

Assignment Description


In this semester-long project, students will be utilizing different databases available through RBC’s library and public databases to contextualize the experience of late nineteenth and twentieth century Petersburg residents.  The ultimate goal of this project is to develop a public database that provides snapshots of everyday life in Petersburg.  In accordance with this mission, students will be required to write a contextual analysis of Petersburg as their final project. 

Locating Resources

Based on your assigned chronological time span, you will need to search a database to locate at least two primary sources related to Petersburg, Virginia.  The table below explains which databases contain primary sources related to specific chronological time spans.

  Nineteenth Century US Newspapers American Antiquarian Society Historical Periodicals Chronicling America Virginia Chronicle

Google Site Edits

Once you have located your two primary sources, you will need to add them to the course Google site.  You can access the course site through the link in your Canvas course.  Use the instructions in the file below to add your content. 

NOTE: In order to make edits to the course Google Site, you must be using the Google Chrome browser.  If you do not have this browser on your device, please visit this site to download.