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Art: Discover Images

Finding Images

You may want to use images in your own artwork, or you may need art to reference in a project or assignment you are working on. First and foremost you should always cite or credit the creator of the image to avoid plagiarism in assignments. If you are planning on using an image for your own works it is important to know whether or not you are able to use the image in your own work. 

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is the organization that allows the sharing of resources, knowledge, and creative ideas in a legal and safe way. Creative commons allows an individual to share their resources to others who then can use, manipulate, or share while still respecting the original creator's wishes. Creative Commons is affiliated internationally so that its licenses can be used all over the globe--further expanding the wealth of information already available on the Internet. 

Creative Commons Licenses

 Attribution: All Creative Commons resources with this license states that you must give credit to the original creator. 

 NonCommercial: Others can copy, distribute, modify, or display your your work for any reason except commercial. 

 ShareAlike: Others can copy, distribute, modify, or display your work on the same terms. 

 NoDerivatives: Others can copy, distribute, display only the original work. No modifications allowed. 

Creative Commons

Using the Creative Commons Search is similar to using many search databases. By using the Creative Commons search, you will find resources that you can distribute, manipulate, modify, and much more. 




You can also search for open access and public domain pictures through Google. 

Open Access Image Databases